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We have a range of pricing plans available depending on how often you want your fur baby to come and play with all their new friends. Please note there are additional discounts for dog parents who's dog come more than 3 times per week. 4 days full per week £71.00 an 5 full days per week £90.00.

Dog Ball

Half Day - Up to 4 hours

This is a session of up to 4 hours. Perfect for young pups to get used to daycare. Its also great for older dogs that enjoy socializing and playing but can't handle a full day. Brachiocephalic dogs may benefit from this too. Any age dog is of course welcome to do half day sessions, as it is what suits you as the dog parent best.

Dog Food

Full Day - up to10 hours

Full day entails being able to be at the daycare the entire day from opening at 7.45am until 6pm. Dogs can do less than the full 10 hours. Anything under 4 hours would be a Half day booking.

Image by Jordan Bigelow

3 Full Days Discount

If you plan on having your dog enjoy themselves with all their new friends 3 days per week this would be discounted to £47.50 instead of paying £52.50

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