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Why should you choose Archie's Pals?

1. Dogs get to meet their daily needs of exercise and mental stimulation. Unlike dog walking where part of their hour is the transport to and from their play area, taking away valuable time they are supposed to be playing, Archie's Pals allows the dogs to socialize all day and enjoy running about as much as they want.

2. Dogs thrive on routine. They look forward to their playdates at Archie's Pals.

3. Your furbaby gets to play with their best friends.

4. You get a happy, well exercised and relaxed dog back after their time at Archie's Pals.

5. You get the feeling of being a good dog parent, knowing that you are giving your furbaby the socialization and fun they deserve. Knowing that their exercise and stimulation requirements are being fully met.

6. Cute pics of your dog having the best time with their friends added to out Facebook page, so you can see how much they are loving being at Archie's Pals.

7. Julz is fully qualified to look after the needs of your dogs with their socialization and understand their unique needs. Should any accidents happen Julz is qualified in dog first aid to ensure their safety.

8. You get to support a small business in the local community.

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